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Applications by type: Householder Applications continue to outperform the average

by on October 4, 2021

September’s Planning Market Insight Report revealed that applications for home improvements continued to outperform the average rise in applications in August, but for the first time since applications began to recover last June the difference was negligible. In August, Homeowner and associated consents were 15 per cent higher than August 2020, compared to an increase of 8 per cent in applications overall. This 7 per cent difference is similar to that seen in July (6 per cent), and lower than the 20 per cent difference in June applications. Both July and August figures indicate the beginning of a slowdown in applications related to home improvements, which have consistently outperformed the baseline increase over the last 12 months.

Other consent types relating to home improvements have also started to fall back to more normal levels, but are still performing slightly above the average, with Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) applications and Prior Approvals for Larger Home Extensions at 13 per cent and 5 per cent higher respectively than the previous year.

Significantly, Full Planning applications also outperformed the baseline rise for the first time since the pandemic hit in spring 2020, though only marginally. In August, Full applications were 10 per cent higher than last year’s levels at the same time, that is 2 per cent higher than the overall increase. Outline consents, which can give an indication of the longer-term pipeline of development plans, remain variable, but were only 5 per cent lower than the same month last year, compared to a 12 per cent variance in July.

Other consent types also remain variable month-on-month, though the trend suggests they are dropping back towards levels which are more typical for the summer.

This analysis is part of the Planning Portal Planning Market Insight Report. The Planning Market Insight Report is the earliest source of planning market data available, and each issue features key high-level statistics as well as deeper analysis of a specific sector or topic. You can access the full report here, or sign up to receive it directly to your inbox each month.

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