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Snaptrude – enhancing the future of design

by on September 29, 2021

Planning Portal are transforming building and planning. As part of our mission to achieve this, we work closely with TerraQuest, our parent company, to present solutions we believe will enhance your experience. Below, we hear from TerraQuest’s Chief Operating Officer, Craig Harper, about new design software being presented by TerraQuest.

Craig Harper, Chief Commercial Officer at TerraQuest, has been at the forefront of our innovation for the last 14 years. With over 30 years experience in land referencing and the technology sector, Craig is always on the lookout for innovative solutions we can provide to our clients. Having worked to enhance the existing suite of services provided by TerraQuest, he has turned his attention to integrating third party solutions in to our ecosystem for users’ design, planning and data technology needs. The latest tool we’re excited to share with you is Snaptrude, a new digital design technology to support collaborative building design.

Craig says, “I truly believe the implementation of this software will revolutionise the 3D modelling process. The comprehensive suite of tools, coupled with the fast, clear and concise user interface will change the way architects work, culminating in visually enhanced final products while saving users time, resource and money.”

The main benefits of Snaptrude have been outlined below. For more information on how this software can transform your design capabilities, visit our website and begin your free trial.

TerraQuest presents: Snaptrude – enhancing the future of design

As a leading data solutions company, TerraQuest is always looking for innovative solutions to support our clients with digitised, market leading technology.

With this in mind, we present to you Snaptrude, a new digital design technology to support collaborative building design. This technology has been used in over 120 projects in construction, saving teams over 8,000 hours of work through the automated workflows.

Architects are able to work ten times faster with Snaptrude, capturing original ideas and swiftly moving from sketch to building information models within minutes. It has removed the friction from the design process, making it quick and easy to use with a clean interface and all the necessary tools. There are also new features being released all the time.

Snaptrude disrupts the architectural design industry by providing the following features:

  • A comprehensive design tool: by combining the power of BIM with free form modelling capabilities on a single platform, we provide architects with the most powerful BIM tool. Redrawing your doodles with scale and accuracy gives you real time design feedback. You will have massing and zoning studies at your fingertips with instant sketch to model conversion.
  • Intelligent BIM and modelling: designed as an intuitive and intelligent BIM tool that generates data driven designs, Snaptrude empowers architects for quick decision making. Let automation do the heavy lifting of editing models parametrically with multiple spatial changes being achieved by editing just one unit.
  • The easiest and fastest tool to learn: Snaptrude is one of the most powerful BIM tools, yet it is the easiest to learn. Architects can literally be productive within hours!
  • Working with the platform of your choice: you are able to import from AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino or Revit and export directly into Revit, with complete parametric family information, without any data loss.
  • Complement your existing CAD systems including Revit and AutoCAD: the auto-calculation feature helps you visualise the capacity of each space and suggests the corresponding proportion of the furniture. Easily import CAD files, furniture from SketchUp warehouse or, just pick something from our extensive library.

If you would like more information about Snaptrude, please visit our website.

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