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Planning Market Insight Report: The return to normality – the data is following predicted seasonal trends once more

by on August 12, 2021

The Planning Portal has received 450,020 applications so far in 2021. 62,593 of these were submitted in July 2021, a two percent decrease from June 2021. While the numbers of applications submitted are still at far higher rates than those in the last five years, the seasonal trends we tend to see in the summer are once again visible.

Recently plans have been announced for the creation of new Unitary Authorities. This month we take a closer look at what this means and how it will change the current system.

This month’s feature

Reducing paperwork through innovative solutions in land referencing

Anyone with an interest in compulsory purchase and land referencing and has had to handle a Book of Reference or a CPO Order Schedule knows it is a large unwieldy document outlining the land and property information and describing the land interests on a given project known to date in a largely prescribed format.

TerraQuest, the recognised market leader in Land Referencing and Planning Portal’s parent company, has taken a number of steps over the last few years to transform the delivery of this large and cumbersome paper-based document into an innovative market-leading data solution.

Also included:

This month’s issue also includes analysis on the regional breakdown of application submissions, a national overview from the last five years and an in-depth dive on applications by type and application fees.

  • The regional view
  • Applications by type
  • Fee variance

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