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Planning London Datahub Go Live

by on October 27, 2020

On 16 November the planning application forms for London changed. The Greater London Authority is leading a project which involves amendments to the Planning Portal’s existing online application forms for submission to London Boroughs. This includes the addition of new questions as well as alterations to a number of existing questions. These changes will enable planning authorities in London to access information and data about planning proposals in a more effective way. The changes were piloted beforehand, on 9 November, by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the Borough of Ealing.

For applications submitted to London Boroughs, there are a number of differences in how you will interact with the planning system:  

  1. New questions on the 1APP planning application forms in London 
  2. You may be asked to provide updated data throughout the planning process by amending your planning application form online. 

The data collected will also be available to you through the London Planning Datahub on In addition, you can view the data relating to all other schemes in London, identify patterns and assess how it impacts your scheme. 

The industry has been working towards better planning and development data for a long time (a concept reinforced by the Planning for the Future white paper), because it is recognised that this is the biggest barrier to innovation in the PropTech and PlanTech sectors. This collaborative project, financed by the Local Digital Fund and created by all of the Boroughs, the Mayor of London and back office system providers, will create a step change in how development data provides insight into the future of our cities.  

Historically much of the data submitted as part of planning applications in supporting documents has been in PDF format, making it digitally inaccessible. This change will enable planning authorities to collect and share data, providing a clearer picture of the impact of the planning system on how we live and plan for good future growth. 

Examples of the types of data to be collected include individual unit sizes, infrastructure needs and proposed floorspace. 

No personal data is being taken from the planning application, so the Planning London Datahub will not have any information about applicants, agents, or their contact details. That data will remain in with the Borough who are processing the planning application. 

For more information about the Planning London Datahub please visit

  1. Chris Goodman permalink

    Why change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Planning Portal Content Team permalink

      Hello Chris, thanks for your comment.
      This post has been updated to include an invitation to a briefing from the Greater London Authority which will give more details.

  2. Robert Robinson permalink

    I have just had my first experience of the new forms. Many of the questions are either irrelevant to the decision making process or are simply levels of detail which are unknown at the initial planning application stage. Smacks to me of a process drawn up by parties whose ultimate intention is to discredit and undermine the planning system.

    • Planning Portal Editorial permalink

      Hello Robert,
      I understand you have discussed this matter with our Business Development Manager, however you may also find the below FAQ from the Greater London Authority helpful:

      Why has the GLA added new question to planning applications in Greater London?
      In collaboration with boroughs, the GLA has added new questions (captured in the London Planning Data Standard) to planning applications in Greater London in order to automate how boroughs report information on coming development to the GLA. The former system was manual, time intensive, and difficult to keep up to date.
      The new questions on planning applications largely cover information that agents and developers already know and would otherwise include in PDFs. The information is now captured in machine-readable forms so that it can be analysed by users.
      Additional new questions have been included only where they are needed to monitor delivery of the London Plan.

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