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Busiest Summer on record for application submission!

by on September 15, 2020

In traditional fashion, there is always a slowdown in online application submissions as we enter the school summer holiday period at the end of July, and most take a well-earned break for a week or two.

However, this is not the case this year! Once again our monthly Planning Market Insight Report reveals that August realised another positive increase in the level of submission nationally – up 19% when compared to 2019 and showing a good recovery in these difficult COVID-19 times.

Reports from our Local Authority partners is that smaller schemes for householder developments continue to be received in exceptional numbers and that larger schemes are starting to return too.

In this month’s edition we take a closer look at the householder schemes to see what ‘common projects’ are being applied for and also review the prior approval applications for larger home extensions.

Interestingly, the most common householder improvement project is for extension developments with around 74% of submissions for this proposal type. When looking at the prior approval applications for larger rear extensions, the most popular size is building out between 6-6.99 metres in length from the rear of the house.

September’s Market Insight Report is available here.

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