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Planning Portal Northern Ireland

by on June 29, 2020

We’re delighted to announce that our parent company TerraQuest Solutions has been awarded the contract to deliver the Regional Planning IT system by the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland.

Working in partnership with 10 Northern Irish councils and the Department for Infrastructure, the contract will last for 10 years until 2030, with an opportunity to extend the contract for a further 10 years. The modernised service for the region will provide improved planning services to the public, including the ability to submit planning applications online, as well as a more effective and efficient resource for council staff and consultees.

The new IT System will be delivered by a consortium led by TerraQuest, featuring Planning Portal and DEF Software. This consortium brings together TerraQuest’s knowledge of planning service delivery, data management, migration & transformation as well as software and solution development; Planning Portal’s online planning application submission service operational across all Local Authorities in England and Wales; and DEF Software’s user-friendly planning back-office solution.

This completely integrated solution for the region will demonstrate the efficiencies to be gained by passing data more effectively through the planning process and fits well with our recently announced strategic objectives. Operating the different online submission services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will also present a fantastic opportunity for our customers to benefit from the innovations across all the regions.

  1. Congratulations and best wishes.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Thanks Giri. Hope you are keeping well.

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