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The Planning Portal improves application efficiency for LPAs and agents with the implementation of its payment service

by on April 30, 2019

The Financial Transaction Service (FTS) has brought about a great many changes in the way in which planning applications are submitted since its introduction six months ago; increasing efficiency, reducing invalid applications and saving both time and money for agents and local planning authorities (LPA) alike.

Prior to the implementation of the FTS, around 60 per cent of invalid applications were due to missing payments, which has now been eradicated by combining the application and payment process, creating a simple, cohesive procedure. Applications and their payments are now clearly linked which means that a huge deal of time, money and resources are saved by LPAs and agents as they no longer have to chase up payments or, in the case of LPAs, provide their own in-house payment alternatives.

We have shared some of this feedback over the past few months and now we have collated all of the information into a six month report. The report details the success so far of the payment service, what local authorities and planning agents have to say about the change in how they work and what updates you can expect from the Planning Portal.

Read the report.

Through the creation of a set of easy to use, standard payment options, the way in which planning applications are paid for has been revolutionised. There has been a significant reduction in the use of offline payments due to the implementation of the ‘nominate’ option and encouraging users to use methods other than cheques. The use of cheques has reduced drastically from 31 per cent to two per cent, freeing up resources and saving time for all concerned. 

The ‘nominate’ option has been hugely popular with planning agents and allows them to send a payment request directly to their clients rather than having to process it themselves, creating a more streamlined and beneficial payment course. Payments may also be forwarded within an organisation, reducing pressure on companies’ administrative and financial teams.

The FTS includes a round-the-clock support service, with all payment options being available for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whilst our in-house customer service team are always available throughout the working day to deal with queries about using the service. This ensures that processing payments for applications is easier than ever, benefiting both agents and their clients.

If you’ve got any comments or suggestions for further improvement related to the FTS or the Portal in general, please leave us a comment or contact us via

  1. Are all LPAs in England using the Planning Portal?

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Yes Barry. All accept applications from us. Sarah

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