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Planned maintenance to 1App payment service on Monday

by on September 28, 2018

Please be aware that the payment service for the planning application system (1App) will be unavailable on Monday 1 October from 06:00 to 09:00.

During this time you will still be able to create and save applications but will not be able to access the payment service to fully complete an application.

This essential work is to:

  • Fix a fault that sends incorrect reminder/payment cancellation emails to users of nominated payment
  • Addition of text to screens to provide more information to applicants
  • Apply validation techniques to nomination email address fields to alleviate set up failures
  • Improve payment information sent to local authorities

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Update on exporting draft application forms to PDF
We are aware that this is causing problems for some agents and we are working with our technical supplier to resolve this as quickly as possible, without simply providing a ‘submittable’ application form which could be emailed to local authorities.  As soon as we have time frames on this, we will advise via here.

  1. Les brown permalink

    After a good start a disaster. Is this how electronic planning works. You need a company that can program. And beta test.

  2. Shaun Richards permalink

    Hi Sarah,

    I am very sorry to go on… but another example of this new system making a 2 minute job into a much longer one;

    I need to revise an application form for a submitted and transferred application. I cant amend the original pdf adequately due to the nature of the change required. I also cant use the old trick of copying a submitted application into draft to produce a new form because this would trigger a fresh £20 payment in order to access the revised form.

    I imagine the suggested option would be to amend the ‘transferred’ form, however I have no idea how this now works since the website revisions took place in terms of fees payable. As a general rule I wouldn’t do this anyway as in my experience very few Council staff have the knowledge to spot and process amended applications, rather we would end up with a duplicate application being raised!

    So my only reliable option is to spend time hand typing out a fresh paper form, which again begs the question “Why use the Portal in the first place?”

    I know that some sort of change here is high on the agenda but, to give another concern, the 5MB limit change has been on the agenda for some 2-3 years now with no action being taken to improve this situation (in fact many LPA have now adapted to allowing the use of third party file transfer websites to get around this issue).

    Whilst I appreciate that any subsequent change to negate this issue will need to be designed and tested prior to rollout – and this does not happen overnight! – what would really be useful is some indication of how long it may be before agents can again make use of this most helpful feature.

    Just as a sidenote, allowing for a third party email address to be entered when processing an amount over £1000 would be a nice touch as currently we are screenshotting the payment details to forward onto clients – we find that this lacks a certain professionalism!

    Thank you.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Shaun. If I understand correctly you are talking about amending an application for the same site? If so, please do submit an amendment – there will not be an additional service charge if the planning fee doesn’t change. Its also worth adding a supporting document which outlines what has changed – this will help to make sure that its not treated as a new application. We will take a look at amendments in the coming months. Re the exporting drafts as PDFs and 5MB increase – I hope to be able to give a date for these changes next week. Thanks for the final suggestion – this has also been raised by others and we’re looking at this as an improvement on payments. Many thanks, Sarah

      • Shaun Richards permalink

        Thanks Sarah. Yes exactly as you say – amending an application, which has always been reliant on the skill level of the Council-side staff…. something that is tricky to account for I appreciate! Your suggestion of adding an additional document to flag that the amendment constitutes a revision and isn’t in fact a new application is a good one – I think that will solve the issue. Thanks for the update on the draft PDF and 5MB issues.

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