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Planning Portal launch new payment redirect service

by on September 28, 2017

We are delighted to announce the launch next week [update: went live on 2nd October] of a new payment redirect facility for our planning application service. For those that chose to use it, this new payment option will mean that clients can easily and securely pay for applications submitted by their agents.

The service is simple and quick to use and will sit alongside existing payment mechanisms accepted by LPAs which will work in the usual way. Initially, the redirect service will handle transactions up to the value of £300 for credit cards and £1,000 for debit cards, though this is likely to be extended to online payments for larger amounts in due course.

This service has long been requested by both agents and local authorities alike and we are confident that this new facility will enhance the application process for all users.

Benefits of the payment redirect service

  • Secure and simple: client receives an instant payment notification to pay online, with a daily reminder to ensure prompt payment
  • Speeds up validation: Removes cheque payments from the process, streamlining and improving registration and validation times, saving you, your clients and LPAs time and money
  • Improves the application process: Agents can easily defer payment to the client for a direct payment, removing the need to arrange cheque or telephone payment and chase progress
  • Reduces financial risk : The client pays directly so no cashflow or VAT issues for agents
  • Keeps the Planning Portal core service free: By allowing your customers to use our redirect service if they choose, you’ll be helping us to keep our core services free for our 500k monthly users.

The optional service will carry a licence payment fee of £9.99 including VAT per application.  This will be payable by the applicant at the time the application fee payment is taken.  There are no additional costs to either agents or LPAs.  This fee has been kept as low as possible and covers the cost to develop, implement and support the redirect service, plus securely transfer the application fee directly to the LPAs. This fee also includes 20% VAT and provides us with a small margin to invest in maintaining and enhancing the core service.

Find out how the payment redirect facility works.

If you have any questions about this new service contact us at

 Find out more about Planning Portal’s free planning application and building control application services.





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