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New developments in the planning application process

by on March 30, 2017

Last weekend saw the latest development release to our planning application service. Responding to feedback from regular agents, we have restored the function to amend a ‘submitted’ status application which was disabled when we launched the new website last March. The main reason we chose to remove this function was because LPAs did not receive notification of application amendments that had not yet been downloaded by them. This meant LPAs were unable to locate proposals they had received notifications for, causing confusion with the successful receipt of applications.

To rectify this, we have added a new email notification that will be sent to LPAs if an applicant chooses to amend an application with a ‘submitted’ status.

Amended notification process for ‘Submitted’ planning applications

  • When an applicant selects the ‘amend’ button on applications with a ‘submitted’ status, the current version of the proposal is auto-archived and a new draft version created. This will remove the application from the LPA’s list of available proposals so they do not have the option to download it, until such time the applicant re-submits.
  • The LPA receives an email confirming the application has been withheld, with the applicant’s contact details.
  • The applicant can make amendments and re-submit at their convenience, and the LPA receives email notification of submission in the normal way.

In addition to the ‘amend’ button, applicants will also see a ‘withhold’ button. Selecting this option will auto-archive the current version of the proposal, but will not create a new draft version. Similarly this will remove the application from the LPA’s available proposals and notify them of the withholding.

If the applicant decides to re-submit they can retrieve from their archive list and select the option to “amend and re-submit”.

New draft amendment function added

We have also added a new function that allows applicants to delete a draft amendment application which re-enables amendments to the original application. This is particularly useful if the incorrect amendment option was selected and there was no facility to change it, or when an application has been mistakenly deleted.

As always, we welcome any feedback on our products and services. To submit your feedback, or for any media enquiries please contact If you have any support queries please contact

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  1. Trevor Bell permalink

    This sounds a welcome and positive change to the submission process. The amount of information required for some applications is significant and it is not unknown for some items to be incomplete or overlooked initially. This will give some “time” to correct the situation again. The proof will be in implementation but first reaction is a positive one.

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