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What a year…now, what’s next?

by on December 22, 2016

So, Christmas and New Year are nearly upon us – how did that happen?  It’s been another busy year at the Portal, but fantastic to see the team so full of energy and enthusiasm to deliver improvements and new products and services for our customers.  Next year, the pace will continue unabated, but in the meantime there is time for a brief pause to reflect on the year’s work:

  • We started the year with a new Planning Portal – a fresher look, but critically more modern infrastructure and a site which was designed to work as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on the desktop.
  • Planning applications continued to grow despite fears around Brexit.  The percentage submitted online is also growing.  By the end of December, we will have seen around 550,000 applications submitted to English and Welsh authorities via the Portal and more than 3 million in total since we started.
  • In the summer, we re-designed the Interactive House to make it accessible on mobile devices and traffic rose sharply as a result.
  • We also launched a new ‘Find your local trade professional‘ service in partnership with the Federation of Master Builders and start-up Plentific.
  • We’ve developed a strong partnership with the RTPI, the first step of which was to work with them on the promotion of The Planner Jobs.
  • And we rounded the year off with the launch of our new national building control application service, which is already taking off in terms of building control bodies signed up and application numbers.

There are already plenty of announcements in the pipeline for the New Year – new partners, new services and improvements to the application services.  You’ll also see a new look to our news publishing which I’m sure will be popular.

In the meantime, for those of you who will be working over the festive period our Support desk will be available as usual (except for the bank holidays) to help with any problems.  Regardless of your plans, the whole team thanks you for your continuing support this year and we wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

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