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New Planning Portal: Uploading documents

by on July 13, 2016

supporting docs

Uploading supporting documents is obviously an area of great importance as far as the Portal is concerned.

We know that there are improvements you’d like to see in this area, particularly the ability to add files larger than 5MB.  We’re working on this, but need to make sure that we don’t change anything which will break the connection with local authority systems.  Many can take files over 5MB, but some can’t, and so we’re looking at a way of LPAs setting their own file size limits and that being clear to applicants/agents as the application is being completed.

More will follow on that, but while we work on that in the background, we thought you might like to know that the new system integrates with 3rd party hosts such as Dropbox and Google Drive.  Coupled with the fact that the entire site, including the application service is designed to respond to screen sizes and display content accordingly, this means that you really can now submit applications any time, any place, any where …

  1. Well timed improvement. Very glad you’ve included iCloud. So many businesses seem to be restricted to Windows solutions, which is more than very short-sighted.

  2. Claire Woods permalink

    Local Authorities would like more standardised Document Types and Document Descriptions so that they don’t have to be re-indexed when downloaded in the LA’s DMS systems. Looks like most authorities change the document type ‘OTHER’ to something more relevant.

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