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How Liverpool encourages development through online planning

by on July 7, 2016

We recently worked with the Better Connected team on the first Better Connected Live event, which marks the move from this as an annual survey of local authority websites to a rolling annual programme.

We ran a joint session on planning which brought together local authority planners with IT and Web managers.  Pete Flynn from Liverpool City Council shared some of their experiences about how digital working involves not just their website, but also how their teams handle the planning applications that they receive via the Planning Portal and on paper.

Helen Williams, one of the Better Connected reviewers, also gave an overview of their analysis of this year’s planning task, Object to a planning application.  Much of the standard software to manage this came in for criticism, with good practice being highlighted by those authorities who have customised those off-the-shelf products to make them more user-friendly.

I thought you might be interested in this write-up in Public Service Digital:

The Better Connected Planning analysis can be found here:


  1. Jane Smith permalink

    Please can you tell me if the authority requests employment and skills plans as part of the planning process

  2. Pete Flynn permalink

    We do try to encourage applicants to provide this but it is not part of our local validation list

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