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Find A Professional?

by on June 9, 2016

A lot of the traffic to our site is from members of the public who visit our ‘do you need permission?’ section to understand whether they need to apply for planning permission to extend or improve their homes, or whether its covered by permitted development.

Helping to ‘demystify’ planning for them has always been part of our objectives, but we’re also conscious that many need the help and support of a qualified professional to help them realise their ambitions.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to launch this week our new ‘Find A Trade Professional’ service.  There are already a plethora of services out there, and rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ve carefully selected partners who already provide a quality service, both in terms of how they maintain the quality of their trade professionals and in the quality of the user experience their service offers.

We’ve also chosen partners who can complement each other by offering different kinds of service and different kinds of professions.  We are particularly pleased that our first partner to go live this week is the Federation of Master Builders, a highly respected and long-established brand.  More will follow over the coming weeks.

To take a look at our new service, visit

  1. Andrew Kenyon permalink

    And how does one become an ‘approved’ professional?

    We are a long standing mid-size architectural practice that offers planning and design services (free of charge initially) to a wide range of developers, land-owners, various consultants and the general public.

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Kenyon
    Director BSc Dip Arch RIBA

    [New WLA logo]
    t 01425 485234 e w
    [location icon] Endeavour House, Crow Arch Lane, Ringwood BH24 1PN

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    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Andrew. The FMB service is obviously for builders but we will shortly be adding others which cover a broader range of professions/trades. You’ll need to talk to the relevant partners directly if you want to join their service. Sign up should be free. Sarah

  2. Surely you are starting at the wrong end of the project. Usually, the builder is the last person to be appointed. You should also be very careful not to disenfranchise professionals who offer services that encompass more than one aspect of the design process. There are professional Structural Engineers for example, who have had many years experience, who also undertake to design domestic extensions and sometimes now build houses, taking the process from concept, through planning then on to obtaining Building Control approvals and then setting up tender invitations.

    Similarly, there are professional Architects who are also Structural Engineers, who can do the same, so your concepts are too simplistic. Also there are many Building Surveyors who do the same.

    If you continue down this path, you are in danger of excluding some very competent multi talented service providers and therefore denying the general public their valued expertise.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi David. This just happens to be the first but we will soon include others. Your point about a range of skills and experience is well made and we have been conscious of this when selecting partners. Sarah

      • Being ‘conscious’ of something is not the same a making provision for it. I would like to know how you will address this please.

      • sarahchilcott permalink

        Hi David. Whilst a couple of our partners are very niche, the third offers a wider service with multiple different trades. Any professional joining their service defines where they feel their expertise lies. Thanks, Sarah

      • Are you suggesting that we have to join some third party organisation, that you decide is to be a ‘partner’ before we are listed? This is just another form of discrimination detrimental to professionals and the public alike. If this is a commercial venture on your part to raise revenue, I do not like it. It will not favour us or the public, who will have a limited choice.

  3. Kevin Davis permalink

    On the check that your trade member is a member of a professional body page, that is linked to on the above, the section for Professional Bodies seems to include a number of bodies that are not professional bodies (Secured by Design, BRE, AA, Association of Town Centre Management) – should these not be moved to a more appropriate section so that confusion isn’t caused as to what is a professional body and who are professionals (in the sense of expert, insured, regulated etc).

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Thanks for the feedback Kevin. Our content team are on it now. Sarah

  4. Richard Graham permalink

    As an Electrician with over 40 years experience I would recommend to customers to always get at least 1 reference from other customers from any trade or especially Builder.
    Next get evidence of skills can be Trade registration body in my case Napit
    A genuine tradesman will be happy to provide evidence of his hard earned training and reputation.

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