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New housing standard requirements kick-in

by on April 9, 2015

New housing standard requirements for new dwellings have come into force as part of the Government’s drive to simplify and streamline the regulations facing house builders.

Following the administration’s Housing Standards Review, the only technical standards that will continue to be applied through planning permissions locally will be on the five key themes – energy, water, access, space and security. All other standards will no longer be able to be imposed.

For instance, a broad requirement to meet a particular ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ level will no longer apply.

A plan policy which specifically requires building to lifetime homes standards, which is under the ‘access’ theme, would continue to apply but delivery of a home to this standard as an indirect effect of achieving points for a Code for Sustainable Homes level, would no longer apply.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has said that for the first six months (i.e. up to 1 October when new Building Standards kick-in) for water, space, security and access the ‘old’ existing standards could continue to be applied based on existing plans, rather than the optional new requirement or national space standard.

From 2016 all homes will be zero carbon, through a mixture of raised building standards and ‘allowable solutions’ such as offsite energy sources and contributions to clean energy schemes.

However, sites of fewer than 10 homes will be exempt from the allowable solutions requirements, with safeguards against abuses; and an impact assessment on allowable solutions.


Roger Milne

  1. S Rushton permalink

    Why are lots of school teaching jobs being advertised under the title ‘Planning Jobs’?

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Sarah. The feed is a automated one which picks up on keywords. Most of the time its fairly accurate, but unfortunately ‘planning’ is widely in other contexts! We’ll take a look again and see if we can do anything to refine it further. Sarah

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