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Business as usual

by on March 13, 2015

We’re pleased to say that the ownership of the Planning Portal has this week been transferred to a private sector, joint venture between DCLG and TerraQuest.

At long last this will give us the opportunity to invest in and improve the core product.  The existing service and content will be retained and built on when a refreshed service goes live later in the year.

All of the team have transferred over to the new company and will continue to provide the same levels of service you’ve come to expect.

We’re champing at the bit to get on with the next phase in our evolution and to build an even better service at the heart of this critical industry. We look forward to working with you on that and to your continuing feedback and support.

  1. Phil Byers permalink

    Good luck Sarah!

  2. John Newton permalink

    Carry on with the good work please

  3. David Lees permalink

    The newsletters are excellent, particularly as they come at decent intervals with a lot of topics cut to summary titles enabling easy scanning and selection of relevant reading. The bulletins are well laid out to help this. Please, please please don’t fall into the trap of more frequent bulletins, which creates overload.

  4. Andy Lucas permalink

    The new format is rubbish as you cannot move from one item to the next without going back to the original email posting. Or have I missed something.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Andy
      For technical reasons we are publishing our news in full on our blog at the moment rather than on the main Portal site. In the meantime if you look to the bottom of the news stories (underneath the comments) you will see the headlines and >>arrows for the previous (on the right) and next (on the left) articles so you can move between them without going back to the main ‘home’ screen.
      Just above those links you will also see something saying ‘From Planning Portal news article’ – if you follow that link you will get a list of all the news stories from that week.
      I hope that helps for now, normal service will be resumed shortly.

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