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A flying start to 2015

by on February 4, 2015

35,652 Online Planning Applications passed through the Planning Portal cogs and wheels in January 2015, a whopping 14.6% increase on January 2014.

If you keep up submitting at that level for the remainder of the year we’ll easily process half a million app’s in a single year!

  1. The Planning portal has been a tremendous aid and has made the planning application process an efficient and paperless process. Its a fantastic portal. You will hit the half a million mark in no time.
    Well done!

  2. Trevor Dunford permalink

    The Portal has certainly made my work easier and more efficient.
    It took hours to print off 4 copies of everything even for a single house and the resulting bundle was so large it would have to be taken into the Council by hand. Obtaining the required application forms used to need a visit to the Council, or getting them sent by post. Now that which took many hours takes but a few minutes.
    Well done Planning Portal.

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