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Bosco Verticale picks up international award

by on November 25, 2014

I first became aware of this wonderful building in March 2013 and ran a post on the plans and a subsequent update during construction.

There was a great deal of interest and comment on the posts at the time so I was pleased to see earlier this week that the building beat off stiff opposition to win an international award for high rise buildings.

Follow the link for more images and info.


  1. Simon Evans permalink

    A striking building even without the “bosco” bit. However, one does wonder how those trees will put up with the high winds they are likely to be subjected to and whether residents will maintain them after the first few years.

  2. Max permalink

    Dear Mr Kendall,
    during the final year at university in 2007, i proposed a very similar concept as the Bosco Verticale in Bedford.
    The idea was to create green area/allotments in what was at the time the Borough Hall.
    For the project/idea i received a C- , maybe the idea was too futuristic at the time…
    Maybe in a near future!


    P.S. How can I send pictures?

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