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Four new application forms now available on the Portal

by on April 9, 2014

Here are the four forms launched on Monday 7th April by DCLG.

As with all PDF forms our technical teams advises that you download the forms to your PC and open them with dedicated PDF software rather than try to edit them in your web browser.

Prior Approval of proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a State-Funded School* or Registered Nursery

Prior Approval of proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3), and for Associated Operational Development

Prior Approval of proposed Change of Use of a building from a Retail Use (Use Class A1 or A2) or a Mixed Retail and Residential Use to a use falling within Use Class C3 (Dwellinghouse) and for Associated Operational Development

Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a Listed Building

  1. Andrew Hirst permalink

    I wasn’t aware that CLUE’s apply to LBs. Any chance that you can direct us to some explanatory guidance?


  2. John Newton permalink

    Can you also simplify the normal change of use application forms to delete the Materials Section 9 so that we do not need to keep saying n/a to doors,windows, walls etc

    • Hi John,

      On the ‘materials’ section of the form, only one materials description field needs to be completed for what’s existing and proposed. You do not need to complete each materials type for walls, roof, windows, doors etc.

      • John Newton permalink

        Many thanks Chris for the info on change of use forms; will try next time

      • No problem, John. It’s not ideal and it’s high on our priority list to get fixed. Good luck.

  3. LDC proposed has been on the cards for some time – somehow, I don’t think its as easy as it sounds. It comes with right to approve in full or part and refuse in full or part, to change the description. Applicants can appeal. LPAs can revoke a Certificate – need to read more on that!

  4. Is there a timescale to get the four new applications uploaded to Portal so that customers can submit using that method?

  5. If a barn is less than 10 years old will it not qualify under these new provisions?

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Lawrence. It would be best to check with your local authority in relation to a specific site.

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