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A new Portal form for onshore oil and gas developments

by on January 16, 2014

This week we introduced a new form to our ever-expanding suite.

The Government has been consulting on making  improvements to the process for planning applications for handling the extraction of onshore oil and gas (including shale gas) developments.

On the 20 December 2013, secondary legislation was laid in relation to application requirements. Unlike other forms of development, applications for planning permission for minerals were made on an application form provided by the individual mineral planning authority.

DCLG has now introduced a standard application form for oil and gas development to be used by all mineral planning authorities in England in order to provide consistency, transparency and minimise delays.

This form is being introduced as a PDF fillable application form along with a PDF fillable guidance note which includes a checklist.

Access the new form and guidance note on the Planning Portal.


One Comment
  1. Bob Thom permalink

    I was interested to see that the Planning Portal had now issued the Digital Application form for the Planning application for an Onshore Facility.
    Since Texaco Tartan and its Judicial Review there has been a requirement for the development of an Offshore Facility to have a formal justification in an Offshore Installation (Safety Case) Regulation submission.
    The Planning Portal digitised application has a series of Guidance Notes that in themselves deal with many of the issues found in the safety Case. It does not have the detail, format and substance of a safety case.
    Another happening as Texaco Tartan has been Macondo. Here, after the event the US Government has now accepted that it has a part to play in offshore field and facilities development far in access of the previous MMS activity.
    Both Macondo and Tartan had Industry Standards Best Practice, Self Regulation. What has transpired is that the State (USA) through its elected government has acknowledged a duty of care for its citizens and its participation in the regulation of developments. Industry for whatever reason assesses the risk of a development; safety, financial, social etc but it is as the facility Owner. Drilling and Production are risky undertakings and the risk appreciation of the State is similar but there are also differences.
    Both Tartan and Macondo saw action after the event, Government should be pro active to pre-empt the event happening. The Planning Application in digitised format does not have sufficient detail to establish this.
    In many ways an Onshore Development (adjacent to population) has risks that are greater than Offshore; it’s not just the case of a noisy, eyesore doing ungreen things. It is now tied in with the emotive tittles Frack or not to Frack. Fracking sees the progressive release of hydrocarbons rather than the well gas dome so tartan and Macondo are in hydrocarbon terms different. It still remains that any Onshore Development has Risks and they need a decent plan, HSE Government reviewed (like Offshore) not just Guide Lines for a Planning Application

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