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Is this a record? – the 7 minute planning application

by on September 10, 2013

Self-proclaimed biscuit-loving architectural design practice Challinor Hall Associates of Eastbourne tweeted this week that they submitted a Householder Application via the Portal in just seven minutes.

In your face, paper submission!!!

Can you beat that?

  1. that’s not difficult.

  2. Rob permalink

    I love the planning portal – well most of the time!

  3. Siva permalink

    very informative and futuristic,Like it

  4. PHT permalink

    .. but that was preceded by 4 months for the bat surveyor to finally find a bat, and will be followed by two months for the planners to ensure there isnt some way they can delay registering the application, then another six months for the councillors to find out which way up the drawings are, before suggesting it should have a flat roof if its ridged or a pitched one if its flat and sending it back for negotiation, then another two months for staff training and holidays and paternity leave and sick leave before refusing consent, thats if its fast tracked and Christmas dosnt get in the road.
    But, yeah, the portal bit is very nearly a pleasure!

    • this appears to be a common problem. We too have had very similar experiences. We’ve had four planners from different authorities seriously ill in hospital in the last 9 months,….

  5. zaheer burthun permalink

    I even submitted a planning application in Welsh on planning portal in 2006 and I had no clue if it was in Welsh as I knew all the entry by heart. Back in the days planning portal had less entry.

    • I’m afraid we have no control over the amount of information required, we simply reflect the legislative requirements.

  6. I’ld like to see anyone achieve that on my local authority application document in the northwest- that runs to about 53 pages, with their add on to the portal document, and requests for more reports etc.-I have even been requested to submit elevations of a 1.2m high muck store for a domestic stable.

  7. Penny Stephan permalink

    As the most relevant recent post, can I just mention that we have been trying to download a copy of the application forms for our submissions (to save to our client file) but keep getting an error saying that the “file is damaged and could not be repaired”.

    I have instead printed to a PDF writer to get around this issue, but it seems to print with blurry text because its having to be printed from the explorer rather than direct from the file.

    Have tried this on numerous computers with the same result – anyone else having the same issue? or know how I can resolve it?

  8. Geeta Beddows permalink

    Householders application are generally quick anyway but it would be even quicker if you didn’t have to go ‘in and out’ of the materials page. Hint Hint 🙂

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