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Summer wrap up

by on September 5, 2013

So the kids are back to school, the roads are full and the weather is about to break. I guess that’s Summer done then.

I’m sorry I’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks (blessed relief I hear you cry!) but it’s not because the team and I have been soaking up the sun. In fact quite the opposite – it’s been very, very busy.

You can’t have helped but notice that we launched the Beta version of the website for the National Planning Practice Guidance and NPPF over the summer.

In addition, we’ve also been working on lots of changes to various elements of 1APP forms and PD processes to be announced over the coming weeks.

We’ve achieved lots despite various members of the team almost hacking off limbs, spraining ankles, having babies and various other completely avoidable incidents.

For myself I’ve either been driving around the country talking to potential future partners (business not personal!) or I’ve been head down in spreadsheets and documents preparing to respond to DCLG’s call for responses regarding the privatisation of the business.  It’s been a slog and I’m not sure which is going to conk out first, me or the car.

Well the deadline for responses is upon us and our proposal is good to go.

Hopefully there is now a work-free weekend ahead before it all begins again.

Watch this space for lots of important notices in the next few weeks including information on Conservation Area consents, handling disbursements, Smarter Planning and PINs role in determining planning applications.

  1. I still don’t understand why PP refers to planning “consent” when it should be “permission”. The only consents are Listed Building Consent and Advertisement Consent. (see T&CPA 1990)

    When will the Portal accept docx attachments?

    • Bob,
      if you can point out where we are using the incorrect nomenclature please I’ll look into it (feel free to emaail me if it’s easier).
      We don’t accept docx because not all (in fact not many!) LA’s can accept them without undergoing a file conversion process.
      As our aim is to reduce workload we need to live with this until docx reaches sufficient penetration within LA’s to be worthwhile.

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