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Another improvement to application process on the way

by on June 27, 2013

We’re happy to announce that a streamlining of the process of starting a planning application should be in place by the end of this evening (4 July). The update needs a site outage, which means the Portal will be down from 18:00 until midnight. Apologies for the inconvenience but I hope you agree the improvements are worth it.

The changes compress the process into fewer stages which I’ve outlined below…

Step 1: Name and location


This stage compresses four existing screens into one. As now you can identify the application site by postcode or grid reference. The changes remove the need to log on before you can start an online application (note that you still have to log on after step three to actually create and save the application in your account).

If the ‘Find Address’ search finds only one address, it is pre-selected in the dropdown list.

The grid reference can be entered if ‘Address not known?’.

Step 2: Application Type

ImageThis step combines two current stages into one and allows the user to select from a single dropdown list of ALL application types and select Waste/Reg 3 application types if required.

Users can still be guided through making their choice as on the current system if they ‘need help choosing?’.

Step 3: Confirm Details

ImageThe screen shows all application details on a single confirmation screen with easy access to ‘edit’ functions.

Previously, details (address, LPA and application type) were confirmed along the way.

Users are only asked to log on (or register) once they click next (to create and save the application in their account).

This upgrade requires a site outage that will take place on Thursday 4th July at 6pm

  1. Simon Evans permalink

    I love the honing that is going on here. Now we just need to see a similar pruning exercise to avoid the need for domestic non-householder applications to have to wade through pages of irrelevant commercial questions and we should start to see the application process taking the sort of time it used to with paper applications.

    • Totally agree with Simon on this one, quite annoying having to click next on questions which are irrelevant to your application.

  2. glenn1949 permalink

    Looking good. Keep them coming.

  3. That’s great news. Any improvements that make our life easier are most welcome. Thank you !

  4. That will help well done.

    Now that we have to make discharge of condition applications and non material applications, removal of condition etc etc can you consider allowing the relevant data from the original applications to be transferred to these supplementary applications , now that would help. !


  5. Agree, good tweaks to a brilliant system!
    Could I ask that when logged in as an agent, why does the “client” come up as an option on the certificate page? A client would NEVER have access to my Portal account, I would like to see the Certificate form being prefilled with my details with just the tick box to perform.
    The non-householder application purely for new build houses would be a great option to avoid those un-necessary questions…..the next tweak?

  6. remway design permalink

    Totally agree with Simon & snowarchitects on this one. I have been requesting this for ages espically when 85% of my work is residential householder.

    • Thanks for the feedback folks. I’m posting your comments as soon as i can but i am supposed to be at home on leave doing diy so forgive me if i don’t respond on specifics for a couple of days.

  7. To my mind a helpful improvement would be to make the questions on the application forms have one font of probably a slightly smaller size, and then the applicant’s replies in another font and slightly larger size, possibly bold as well. It would be easier to see what one is doing on line, BUT far more important it would be more useful for the eventual readers to be able to distinguish easily questions from answers.
    That’s all – Derek Scoble RIBA

  8. Keith Mortimer permalink

    Why is it not possible to submit an extension of time application on line? It would be so easy to link the application with all the relevant documents already in the system and save time for everyone.

  9. Trevor Dunford permalink

    Anything that makes an often complex process easier to use is most welcome.

  10. Design for Build permalink

    The online uploading of plans and docs for a simple householder application seems to get a bit confusing when it insists on a SWMP (for example), when there is clearly no need for one. One has to pretend there is one “included in another document”……. which is, of course, not true.
    Thanks though, it all saves paper.

  11. ricki permalink

    I’ve seen various local authorities claim a non material amendment can be made here, yet on your website you say it can’t, whose telling the truth and when will it be resolved?

    • Hi Ricki
      we only provide a PDF version at the moment.
      You will ind it here
      We hope to provide an interactive version in the near future.

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