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Extensions and Conservatories MiniGuides updated to reflect amended PD

by on June 10, 2013

Following the introduction of the Neighbour Consultation Scheme and changes to enable larger extensions we have now updated the information on the website and revised both our extensions miniguide and our conservatories miniguide


  1. Neil warren permalink

    Hi, whilst I agree the new planning amendments, not sure this will get the building side moving again all the decent builders are already very busy. How on earth can you build a 8 m deep single storey extension without the neighbour complaining so will still be an application of sorts.What will get the economy up and running , but will not be palatable is to release green field land to enable builders to develop. We are so bound up in red tape and to mention ” release green belt” will be like a dropping an atom bomb. However you only need to look at London after the war to see how it has expanded. Regards, Neil warren

  2. I seem to recall that there is a sponsor free copy of the interactive house / mini guide sfor professionals websites, am i right, how do i get it ? Ta

  3. Having just submitted an application for the new style of neighbour consultation’ permitted development, I am amazed that it attracts no fee! This means that the tax payers in any given local authority will be funding this type of application….. Who thought this one up?


  4. If, in a recession, people can’t afford to pay for (or borrow from the banks) to have a 4m extension built, where does the government think they will get the money from to pay for one double the size?

  5. Roger Farnworth permalink

    I still can’t see how the new extension planning rules will get the economy going. An extension will not be built just because planning permission is not required, it’s because people cannot really afford it in the first place, not because they will be save a planning fee of £170. I think there will be alot of discruntled neighbours if the bloke next door decides to come out 8m deep alongside your boundary fence. A decent set of plans will still be required anyway not only for the clients benefit to see what or where they are building but also for builders to price up and most importantly for building regulation approval which never seems to get a mention in any of this.

  6. SLW Designs permalink

    I have found that many homeowners stick to the permitted development limits not to save £172 but to avoid an eight to ten week wait for permission. Last week I completed my first Neighbour Consultation application where all the applicant wanted was an extra metre over that previously allowed.Even this will take six weeks before it is known whether the extension can go ahead. Why not keep the fee and reduce the time it takes to make a decision.

  7. Tony Bradley permalink

    In my view the only thing which might kick start the domestic extension building industry is a reduction in the VAT rate. The revenue will not be affected as the additional activity would off set the rate reduction. All this change will result in is more confusion for homeowners, conflict with neighbours, automatic objections, an additional layer in the planning process and potentially extended timescales. Planning Authorities will have to take on additional procedures without a fee income and their assessment of the neighbour consultation responses may be influenced by the need to generate a planning fee. An 8 metre rear extension could result in virtually no remaining rear garden area, particularly where a modern development has provided a minimum 10m rear garden. Has this new policy been properly thought through. I think not.

    • Tony, don’t forget that extensions (including existing)and other buildings still cannot occupy more than 50% of the total area of land around the original house.

  8. John Pambakian permalink

    I am very disapointed that loft extensions were not included;as this is more important for households needing an extra bedrooms rather than just a larger kitchen, with a loft extension you will be limeted by the size of your roof space,so why the discrimination?

  9. Sunil M permalink

    I have written many times about this subject but I’ve never been heard. I know outbuildings are a sensative subject with some LPA’s, but the reality is that the change to limit the height to 2.5m is just not practical. I know so many people who have built these with the best intentions of keeping the height to 2.5m but have failed. It’s work for me, but not really fair, this needs to be revisited.

    I also think LAP’s should give feedback on applications. Now its simply about making pre app fees that often are not useful. My last experience was putting forward amended plans under pre app, paid a fee and got a letter back saying it would address previous concerns. Indications of what MAY be acceptable would be much mor useful.

    The white paper circular 22/80 was a very effective way of starting up the building economy. Worth a read.

  10. bobby permalink


    Our we able to submit the New Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension application on via Planning Portal??

    Please help

  11. Chris permalink

    Hi, I’ve been looking on various forums since the legislation was amended and followed the initial consultation on these changes, but I’ve not seen any assessment or commentary on the risk that applicants/developers could use intimidation to stop neighbours objecting- thereby preventing the LPA from assessing impacts on amenity. If this has been considered I’d be grateful for a pointer as to where- it seems to be a gaping loophole if it hasn’t been thought of.


  12. Chris Toms permalink

    I am confused! We have a detached house which has been extended to just 50% of the original footprint and wish to add a conservatory. A lot of the websites state you cannot extend to more that 50% of the “land” around the original house. Our garden is 65ft long and the house is still quite small. Do we need planning permission for a conservatory? I have written to the local planning authority but they have not replied to date. We need some quick advice as are planning to move my elderly mother into our existing dining room (as a bed sitting room) which reduces our living space. Thank you.

    • Chris
      As I see it.
      You are confusing the extension (50% of the original footprint) with the area around the house (50% of the “land” around the original house).

      You say “original footprint” which is the house area on the ground, but the other is the land round the house, typically the garden.

      You can extend the house up without pp up to 50% of the land around the original house whatever the original footprint was.There are other constraints ie height, location, materials, width , depth, boundary position.

      as a start it has all the info.

      If still confused contact a local professional (architectural technologist, architect, surveyor etc) to talk you through it most of us are willing to talk for free !

      • Chris Toms permalink

        Thank you – that clarifies it perfectly. Best wishes Chris

      • Chris Toms permalink

        Many thanks for your prompt response. That clarifies the situation.
        Best wishes C

  13. Richard Nankivell permalink

    The only land around the original house I own is a relatively small back garden. I want to build a conservatory which would take up most of it. I guess I will need planning permission – but is using 90% of the “land” going to be considered too big a conservatory?

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