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Update: Portal notification of a proposed larger home extension

by on May 24, 2013

UPDATE: Notification due for release Monday 3rd June.

We are now in the process of creating a ‘Notification of a proposed larger home extension’ to support the new permitted development regime.

The notification will be available for download from the Portal.

In order to get this up quickly we will be developing a simple downloadable PDF that captures the information set out in the statutory instrument.

Within the PDF we will provide links to

  • our LPA finder to help find the correct contact details
  • our Buy A Map service to make sure appropriate plans are provided

We intend to make this live as soon as possible.

This quick and simple solution will be followed by something more sophisticated as soon as we are able.

  1. Andrew Nicholas permalink

    How about another one for conversion of offices to residential?

    • We’re talking to colleagues about it. Watch this space.

      • HI, does the new Permitted Development law do away with the light issue for neighbours. If not am I right in thinking that any neighbour who complains about light can block the application in its tracks straight away.

  2. Good stuff, makes sense I think.

    On another note, just to squeeze it in… I’ve recently made a non-material amendment application following grant of planning permission, and found that (as far as I could see) you can only print and fill out the forms by hand; good to practice good old fashioned writing I guess, but can this be made an online application process (liked to the original application), or even just an editable PDF?

    Many thanks.

    • It’s on its way and coming soon!

    • Sonay Veli permalink



      • Hi Sonay,

        Thanks for your message. I am registered as a professional user; I’ve just had another look and I can indeed make an application for Removal/Approval/Variation of conditions/reserved matters, but not a Non-material Amendment…

      • Kenny, at present we only have a PDF form available for NMA’s on our paper forms page.

        Watch this space though as we’ve an online NMA coming soon.

  3. I am already getting enquiries from potential Clients who think they can just go ahead and build it. They are, in some cases, unaware that they need Building Control approval, let alone ‘neighbour Consultation’.

  4. Martha Hughes permalink

    Its a pity this couldn’t have been provided in advance of the procedures coming into force. LPA’s have had to get on with this so its a pity the portal couldn’t at least have some procedural guidance available for the public in what is now a very confusing process that has been put forward nationally but yet the national planning website has no information available.

    • Martha,
      Unfortunately due to parliamentary procedures the process was in flux until the very last minute. We didn’t therefore have an opportunity to prepare something in advance.

  5. Rob Latham permalink

    Please could notification highlight that differences will remain in Wales

    • Rob

      We’ll make it clear on the site that the notification applies only in England. We already do this in the guidance sections of the site.

  6. I too am already getting requests for permitted development information regarding c/u from class B1 to C3.

    the basic information required set out on a proforma would be really helpful to demonstrate to clients the procedure.

  7. Andy Thompson permalink

    What about the Prior Notification regime for commercial?

  8. Nick Charlton permalink

    It is our understanding that as of tomorrow the PDR for conversion of dissused offices to dwellings becomes law , Our Local Authority refuse to accept a notification of intent as they say they have no guidance and a fee may be necessary . Some clarification is essential.

  9. I have client who lives in a detached house, wishes to install a nuclear missile silo at the rear of his house. Will his be OK if it is under 4m high and not more than 8m from the back wall of the house and not any wider than the existing house and not nearer than 7m to the rear boundary and uses materials that match the original house as built on 1st July 1948…..Seriously it is my understanding is that there is no limit on depth, is this correct?

  10. Folks, I’m afraid all questions of interpretation beyond what is set out in the legislation will need to be addressed to the relevant local authorities.

  11. Alistair J Burgess permalink

    I have a client who today submitted an application to Thanet district Council in respect to this new ruling and they had no idea how to deal with it…..

  12. Jas Mann permalink

    Dear Chris,

    My local council, Slough BC, have published this guidance on this at the following web address:

    Regards, Jas Mann B.Sc.Hons; C.Eng, FICE, MBA

  13. Frank Allen permalink

    Hello Please can you advise me re new planning i have applied to my local council and they tell me i cant have a conservatory as i have an extension which the conservatory would go on and although still within 6 metres allowed from org house rear wall because its not going directly onto org house rear wall i am told i cant do it under the new rules

  14. David (40 years hard labour) permalink

    Re new “larger extensions etc”
    It talks about “contractors doing the leg work (paper work) But this ties householders to specific contrators who’s price for doing the work might not meet the householders budget and getting into dept.
    Can the agent/architect do the paperwork then the householder can pick his own more reasonable priced contractor or do the work himself under the guidance of Building Control???

  15. Alan permalink

    I have a 35ft x 12ft static caravan in my garden with planning consent and can be used as temp accomadation, under any new planning laws out there can i now use this as a residential accomadation. Its been here for 4yrs now?

  16. When will the 3D visual mini guide be reconfigured to accommodate the updated permitted development rules and is there a list of which planning departments have opted out as I understand they are able to do so?

    • We will be updating the mini-guides this week and the list of exempt Local Authorities is contained in the Statutory Instrument. (I will look into whether we should republish the list though)

      • Just want to say thank for all your hard work towards this website, without this I would have been stuck in the office all day and night just hand filling in forms! thank guys…
        Ps. Any update on when the mini-guides will be ready? Spoke to several LA and they still don’t know whats happening.

  17. MEP permalink

    Please update regards Class B1 to C3 permitted development submissions; LPA’s appear to have no on line facility nor even paper forms. As everybody knew this was coming for at least several months, why was no provision made to have the planning applications’ system amended ready for the implementation of the legislation on May 30th 2013 ? What are we to tell Clients ? It is now a week on since the new “law” came into force.

    • I’m sorry we’re behind the curve but as you may be aware legislation was in flux until the very last minute.
      We are working with LPAs and DCLG to provide a nationally acceptable notification and will publish as soon as we are able.

  18. Zara permalink

    Hi, do these new planning laws apply to retrospective applications that within guidelines of height and extension rules?

    • Jen permalink

      No, approval must be sought before work commences

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