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Sexy schemes and projects of pride – what have you submitted via the Planning Portal

by on March 19, 2013

The recent approval by the Secretary of State of the Liverpool Waters scheme brought to a conclusion the planning application process that witnessed the largest planning application yet submitted via the Portal.

It got me to thinking what other noteworthy applications have shimmied through our system into the real world, and being a nosey so and so I thought I ask you to provide the answers.

Large, small or particularly tricky, I ‘d love to hear your tales.

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  1. Hi, This was a successful submission following 1 years discussions with the very helpful planning and listed building departments in Elmbridge. The project was successful in getting planning and listed building approval but was stopped by Mr Osbourne’s decision to levy 20% VAT on listed building projects. We were 6 days outside the deadline. The project reference was 2012/1183.

  2. Isn’t it time to increase the size of files that can bu uploaded to the Planning Portal as part of an application? In this digital age, drawings and D & A statements are invariably larger than the 5MB limit.

  3. Karen Read permalink

    I agree with Marcus. Easier to burn a CD with all supporting information for submission than partial upload of plans / documents. Seems to defeat the object.

  4. A small but sensitive job. Penellick near Looe in Cornwall.
    The main building is grade 2 Star listed, but the barn is falling down and has no roof, so something has to be done. We want to keep the look and ragged shape of the existing walls and slot in the new build.
    Planning application number is PA13/01394. Or have a look at some design drawings on – go to Buildings/architecture on left, then ‘view details’ of Penellick on right.
    The Bodmin office have been really helpful giving guidance throughout the process. All we can do now is wait to see if we are successful.

  5. Vinod Patel permalink

    Why do my planning departments lose planning applications placed through the planning portal as well as paper ones. They used to admit losing the paper ones that I had to send in until I got someone to sign for them before the planning portal. Since then they have lost three applications that have been made for my planning in the last two years, Two through the planning portal and one hand delivered. The local paper have reported that they have had IT problems, but as a critic of the council services, I seriously don’t have a chance of having anything approved by them, as was proved when my last householder application was rejected at committee despite having unanimous local support and no objections, except from the planner for a side extension much smaller than identical ones in the area.
    Anyway the question is that is there a mechanism of forcing the council to accept that an application has been made, or do I have to accept their word that their system didn’t receive it.
    I am sure that this is not typical of planning departments, but then we as householders can’t chose the borough and in my experience, the appeals system is not independent as the planner uses 1cm resolution from the boundary based on the drawings and later admitted that she used the A4 drawings and made a planning decision that went through the appeals without even attending site. I don’t even think that planning decisions could be made without attending site.

    • Any application made through the portal is traceable. You should receive an email from us on the applications registration at the LPA.
      Please contact our support team who will check delivery for you.

  6. ‘Planning portal’ a life saver.Been using it since 2007 ( approx), never had any major issue,(minor glitches sure) numerous applications submitted over the years, have seen it develop over these years .As a regular user I would like to have a few more improvements done to the portal but all in all it is way better than photocopying numerous drawings and forms.My turnaround time has reduced a lot thanks to the portal, clients are happy, I m happy. Keep it up!

  7. Far too many tales to tell but thought the ‘Summary details of case’ for this appeal on the Planning Portal Search for an Appeal tool looked particularly interesting APP/Q9999/A/12/2185572. As the decision was dated the 28th March I wonder if it had anything to do with the first tranche of decisions that are not so tightly controlled!

  8. I love the Planning Portal (as you know) How about our Duke Street Scheme.. Conservation Area, World Heritage Site Hotel, Car park & Retail

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