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Like tea, like architects, like free advice – why not have tea with an architect?

by on February 25, 2013

Just spotted the launch of a series of events around the country where people are invited to go and have a chat and a cup of tea with local architects.

Launched by Gabrielle Omar, architect and former star of T.V’s The Apprentice. The sessions are described as a great opportunity to bring in ideas, designs and questions and benefit from a free consultation (and tea).

They are also looking for architects who might wish to offer their services.

Take a look at Tea with an Architect  for more information.

Now where did I put those blueprints……..


Pie with a planner…..anyone!

  1. How about Strudel with a Structural Engineer?

  2. Not much point in having an architect with a T unless you can get planning for it.

  3. I agree with glenn1949 – it’s all very well having the dream ‘architect designed’ development but unless it has been created with planning policy in mind it will remain a dream. Hmm ‘pie with a planner’ – perhaps – Pint with a planner? Pimms with a planner? Yes I know my references have an alcohol related theme!

  4. karine Swanson permalink

    Interestingly Balfours (planning) have been running very successful “pie and pint” evenings in Shropshire,

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