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Only Connect: improving customer journeys for LPA customers

by on February 14, 2013

A significant amount of our traffic comes from referrals (incoming links) from local planning authority websites.

In fact, around one in five (the figure varies) of site visitors arrive at the Planning Portal on journeys that started on a LPA website.

As such we’re keen that local planning authorities link effectively to our website to make sure the experience for users is as straightforward as possible.

For example, just linking to the Portal homepage can often throw users off course – especially if they’re expecting to be directed to a page of planning advice or to the start of the application process.

We’ve invested a lot of time and effort in our advice and online services so that LPAs can focus on their core service delivery. An effective linking strategy is essential.

This week we’ve updated our guidance to LPAs on linking to the Portal. The latest version of our LPA Links document focuses on the essential links LPAs should put on the site.

However, we’ve also included some new rather nifty features for LPAs:

  • New images that can be used as buttons, such as the interactive house
  • HTML code that can be added to LPA websites to embed the interactive houses *
  • Suggested text to surround the links to add some context

The LPA Links document is available on the Planning Portal. The buttons, graphics and other resources I mentioned as available as a link within the document.

In related news, we ran an event on the subject of website user journeys with LPAs in West Yorkshire this week. We ran a similar event with LPAs in Bristol back in October.

I plan to add the presentations and feedback from the event to the blog in the next few days. Check back or simply subscribe to this blog to get updates (see top right of this page).

* We’ve found embedding the interactive house works best if you can make as much use of the width of your web page as  possible. It can be reduced in size but it makes it harder to read, naturally.

  1. Melanie White permalink

    Went to the West Yorkshire event yesterday and would like to thank all the speakers, it truly was a Really Useful Event. Thank you Planning Portal.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Melanie. I plan to add some of the event materials to the blog as soon as I have them.

      Hope the event gave you some food for thought.

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