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Updated: Application types and fees by LPA – an interactive guide

by on February 6, 2013

The Planning Portal data elves have been busy this month presenting the total number and fee value of applications submitted through the Portal on a Google map.

The first map shows the total number and type of applications submitted via the Portal in January 2013.

Note this doesn’t represent every application submitted during the month as some were submitted on paper (we’re still working on that…).

The second map shows the total planning application fees paid during January 2013.

On both maps you can zoom in to get a clearer picture and click anywhere within an LPA’s administrative boundary to get more detailed information.

In response to a reader comment below I’m also pleased to let you have two additional links to the data for National Parks presented in the same way.

A couple of points:

  • We can’t quite lay our hands on the data for Welsh NPAs at the moment – we’re checking down the back of the fridge right now
  • Note that the the degree of shading is relative to the other NPA data not the LPA data on the other maps (in other words South Downs is dark red with only 82 apps, where as on the LPA map Cornwall is dark red with 335 apps). It’s all relative.

We can change these to match the LPA-defined values but we won’t see much colour change between the NPAs. Let me know what you think.

View applications by type and number to English NPAs

View applications fees to English LPAs

  1. Very impressive and interesing map.

    Is there any data for County Councils?

    • We have some data for Waste applications (though not Minerals) but we are don’t currently have the administrative boundary data for county councils to re-draw the map.

      • Jeff Rhodes permalink

        The waste applications data will certainly be of interest to the waste industry so thanks, we look forward to that, I will pass the message on. Its a shame it (presumbably) won’t include consented capacity figs, but thats been a long running omission/debate. In an ideal world it would also be great to be able to apply a search filter to development types for an area or group of areas. Historically a problem with any sort of research/data gathering of that nature is that there is no national map/dataset to dip in to – just records on individual LPA/WPA websites. However this is at least a step on the way towards that and perhaps has the ability to be an extremely useful tool if developed further.

  2. JRees permalink

    Attempting to click “Vale of Glamorgan” on the map but it’s bring up data for Torfaen County Borough Council and vice versa, Could this be amended?

  3. DWR permalink

    The map doesnt show National Park Boundaries

  4. Should I assume there not to be similar information for the months prior to Jan 2013 ?
    If such information is available, where can it be viewed in .pdf format please ?
    It would be interesting to view the relevant info for the PCNPA too !

  5. PCNPA = Pembrokeshire Coast NPA by the way.

  6. kevin elstow permalink

    1.Please explain why if two neighbours do a joint applications for an extension your forms cannot take two ownerships. please give date whereby this anomally will be fixed.   2. As an agent why is my name not infilled automatically if chosen as option in land ownership certificates, and declaration as it has already been entered in first part of form.



    • Thanks for your comments Kevin.

      1. The wording of the forms is provided to us by DCLG. You are not the first person to point out how the service does not support the scenario you’ve highlighted. We keep a record of suggestions and requests from customers to help us improve the service. We had a call to our service desk on the same subject this morning – we have a workaround to the issue if you would like to get in touch with our support team.

      2. I’m aware of this issue and I agree it’s a pain. Again, it’s something we’d like to improve but as I hope you’ll understand, funding and resources are a little tight at the moment. Please rest assured that we will review this again when we have a chance.

      I’m afraid I don’t have firm dates when either of these will be fixed.


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