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Non-Material Amendment forms to be e-enabled

by on December 19, 2012

I am at long last pleased to announce that a root around the Portal sofa has unearthed sufficient funds to allow us to e-enable the Non-Material Amendment form.

We are now instructing our technical and delivery partners and are beginning the development process.

We anticipate that the new form and other improvements will go live in Spring.

  1. Chris

    Great news. It will certainly help your figures on electronic apps through the Portal, oh yes and could benefit us poor agents also!!!

    Ex CAM

  2. So pleased to hear this, will further save on paperwork.

  3. Thats great, however some clear guidance as to what can be considered as a non-material minor amendment would also be useful! Leaving the decision to individual local authorities leaves too much to chance! As an industry we need to streamline the process and in my opinion local authorities are too keen to seek new applications when non-contentious minor amendments would seem a more appropriate route.

  4. See if you can root around further and find an extra 50p to allow your ‘technical and delivery partners’ to allow simple text such as ‘&’ to be use in Applications – it is after all nearly 2013…

  5. In general I have found most planning departments and planning officers very helpful and they have allowed me to email alteration pdf’s direct through to them thus saving time as it goes direct to the right person….I hope that having this option on the portal won’t be used to stop that direct contact as it could actually slow the process down.

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