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House Rules

by on November 19, 2012

I really want to keep this blog thriving, successful and open to all who wish to contribute without fear or favour.

In order to do so and to keep a sense of vague decorum as befits a Civil Servant, I have a few house rules, break them and you’ll find your comments do not reach the masses who sit patiently waiting for the next slice of  portal pie.

The rules are simple:

  • Be nice, and if you can’t be nice be constructive at least.
  • Don’t name individuals or organisations, unless you are praising them.
  • Say what you like about me (but remember I’m human too!)


  1. A propos nothing covered recently, I spent a frustrating couple of hours or so submitting an appeal by way of the Portal yesterday. Two things that continue to irk me:

    1. Why does one lose attachments if one opts to save at the wrong juncture. I’m used to it now, but surely if we can’t save attachments the option to save the form should come before attachments are asked for; and,
    2. Why can’t we go over 5Mb for attachments? Any decent DAS is over 5Mb which means separate emails to both PINS and the LPA in the hope that the larger attachments link up with the rest of the appeal down the line!

    Otherwise, I can’t speak highly enough of the online appeal option. It has saved me hours.

    On the broader front, as an agent operating mostly in Wales, I don’t know whether to envy my English counterparts the changes that the UK Government are consulting upon or to be thankful for the state of torpor adopted by the Assembly Government in planning as in all matters. Views?

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