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A message to LPAs about application fees payments

by on November 15, 2012

During the summer we made a number of improvements to 1APP. One of these was a new service for local authorities to let them manage the payment options they support for online applications on the Portal.

Since its introduction we’ve noticed that a number of LPAs have not yet specified a postal address for cheque payments.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, this is essential to make sure our customers who choose this method can send payment ASAP to avoid any delays with registration and validation.

We’re also aware that many LPAs can now support telephone and other payments – these details can also be configured by you on the Portal.

We recommend checking whether your LPA supports this payment method. If it does you can update the Portal with the appropriate details.

A guide on how to access and configure your details is available here.

  1. Ian T Donaldson Associates permalink

    This is a good move. On small projects so far I have filled in the box stating that the client will pay by cheque although in practice most pay over the phone by credit card.
    I hope that you can simplify the submission of supporting drawings It is much too long winded. I say that everything will be sent later by post and then send one PDF file including all the drawings, docs, letters etc direct to the LPA by email
    Ian T Donaldson.

    • Peter Davis permalink

      I usually pay by cheque on behalf of my clients and reclaim it from them on my invoice. That way I know it has been done and there are no delays – not at my end anyway. The problems with this method are a). the LPA invalidating the app for lack of payment when they have not given it sufficient time to arrive, b). the LPA losing the cheque after it has arrived or claiming non payment, even after it has been cashed through my bank, or c). postman Pat not doing the business. I know it is old fashioned and the banks are intent on taking the facility from us, but I like the cheque stub paper trail for my accounts. It was not long ago that the submission of supporting documents via 1App was simplified significantly. I think it is much improved and do not find it onerous, mind you I am seldom submitting more than half a dozen items. Do you not find lumping everything tgether in one .pdf makes for a big file that the LPA can not accept? Not that I am championing the cause of the LPA’s, goodness knows they can be frustration beyond endurance on occasions.

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