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How the cookie crumbled – Updated

by on November 12, 2012

Just a quick graphic to illustrate the breakdown of the 252,165 applications by type,  submitted to the Planning Portal so far this year. (Specifically, between the start of January and the end of October.)

  1. Simon Evans permalink

    What is really interesting here is just how insignificant the Outline Application process has become. If I have read the colours correctly (and it is difficult with so many close colours together), Outline applications only seem to account for 1% of all applications lodge through the Portal. Unless that is specific to Portal applications, it makes you wonder whether it is a category that is even worth having any longer.

  2. To clarify the chart it would help if the percentages were repeated in the list. Someone has done a lot of work, which it is difficult to interpret.

    • Heard you.
      For now the slices are in clockwise order from 1 o’clock and are colour banded to reflect common scenarios.
      Dan the stat man is updating as I write.

  3. Jeff Atkins permalink

    If Outline applications are just 1% how come reserved matters applications are 8%?

    Are you surprised nobody is using the outline planning application process? The case officers want so much information that it is too time consuming and therefore costly, at the start of a project when the client is still trying to decide what is viable, to go through the process. Clients want quick and low cost answers – which of course can be obtained by the appropriate private sector consultants who know their way around the planning policies and local plans for each area. You (Government, Local Authority leaders) have allowed all the best Town Planners to go to the private sector leaving the Local Authority service providers stretched and only capable of adding to the bureaucracy of the process.

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