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A new Extant Permissions form

by on October 1, 2012

Over the weekend we made a small but important update to one of the Portal’s PDF forms.

The update was to the Extant Permissions form to cater for the one-year extension to the policy that was mentioned in the Secretary of State’s Written Ministerial Statement (no longer available online) announced on 6 September.

The amended application form, help text and guidance note for Extant Permissions have been published on the Planning Portal and can be viewed via  the following links:

  1. Paul Leonard permalink

    Will this form be on line soon with the other live forms or is it a case of print off and issue a hard copy to the local authority? Thanks

    • Paul, for the time being we’re making it available as a PDF form only.

      We’re hoping to to fully integrate this into our application service and we’re currently working on the business case for this. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Hi, I lodged an application for an an Extant planning on the 13/05/2008 to extend the planning on an Full application that was granted on appeal on the 25/07/2008 (miner development six flats) There was NO condition for a unilateral agreement for a developers contribution on this permsion.
    The LPA that is dealing with the Extant application say that a s106 needs to be submitted and agreed before the application can be granted, the amount put forward by the amounts to £13,500 with their and my legal fees of about £4000, I thought the reason that the Extant ruling was brought in to help developers to extend planning so lesson the financial burden on renewing planning during this reason, I would be great full of any thoughts on this matter .

    Regards Neil

  3. Derek Tanner permalink

    The need for the developers contribution is no doubt a current material consideration, the abscence of which could be a ground for refusing the permisiion.

  4. Mr.Phillip Julier. permalink

    I received full planning permission for a one room kitchen extension in 2001 and commenced the work.Due to ill health and being made un emploable the work was only half built.
    I have now been told by planners that I nead to apply for full planning permission again.
    This is cost prohibitive and very time consumming,so will still not help me to complete the work.

  5. Neil McKelvey permalink

    Dear Mr, Philip,
    As I understand if a building work has started within the time limit shown on the planning permision conditions normaly 3 years, this is when you start work and have your first visit from building control , then the planning permision is “live” and then there is no time limit on how long the project takes, but if you dont start and get the building work registerd within the time limit then the planning permision laps and you will have to re-aply, I stress that I am no expert but speak from past experiance. Good luck

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