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Independent corroboration of the value of online submission

by on July 25, 2012

In the extremely unlikely event that you remain unconvinced of the value of e-submission, please read and circulate freely the following independent report.

In this case the report focuses on Tree applications but could as easily apply to many application scenarios.

Thanks to CAS for the feedback.

  1. Richard permalink

    … all very laudable, however I wonder how many LPA’s print-out the e-application and supplementary plans and documents [mine does every time 4 copies I believe] therefore one persons carbon saving is anothers production and administrative burden, as is the increased time and staff handling costs with the inevitavle delay’s in validation and officer allocation, and so how paper is actually saved? I guess very little in the long run… perhaps they should ‘trial’ trying to process and determine an application without having to print the darn thing out.

    Brave new world?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Whilst you no doubt correct in many cases, we are very encouraged by the number of authorities who are doing exactly as you suggest and working electronically throughout the process.
      Perhaps if any of you out there can pass on your experience of this we can share it.

      • Richard permalink

        Thanks Chris, I would be very impressed (and not a little surprised!) to hear from any planning authority that handles their planning applications digitally instead of printing them out.

  2. LPAs don’t move quite as quickly as we do re change, but give them time and I’m sure it will happen.

  3. The standard planning application online works well, but Councils are adopting a (near mandatory and chargeable) Pre-Application Advice system which has not been converted to online response. These applications require a level of information close to that which is required for Full Planning applications. So we are back in the paper copying application days again.

  4. PortalDirector permalink

    So is the logical conclusion that we provide a pre-app service?

    • Arq permalink

      Interesting Idea (on-line pre-app service/advice). How would that work ?

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