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The new CIL Additional Information form

by on March 7, 2012

Following my earlier post about the revision of the CIL additional information form, I’m happy to confirm that feedback was received from many LPAs and a revised form agreed and approved by an LPA focus group, led by Wandsworth Council, and DCLG policy colleagues.

The Portal team is now developing the revised form and aim to make this available later this month. The approved form questions and guidance are available for preview here: CIL additional information form

Once the revised form has been created (the linked PDF is just for informational purposes, the layout hasn’t been done yet), it will replace the existing form.

An additional note for Local Planning Authorities

If your LPA is a CIL Charging Authority or about to introduce it, you must configure the CIL questions as a mandatory document within your planning application local level requirements list on the Portal.

This will then be presented to applicants and agents as a mandatory supporting document. The CIL additional information form must then be completed and submitted with the planning application form.

Advice on how to configure your application requirements is available here.

I would like to thank the LPAs who provided feedback and Wandsworth Council for coordinating this change. Another great example of coordinated working across local planning authorities.

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  1. Paul Robinson permalink

    I’m not clear whether this has to be submitted with all Planning applications or just those over 100 sqare metres in floor area and new builds. The vast majority if my work does not come into either of these categories and it represents a significant amount of additional work for something that it does not apply to.

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