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Countdown to the millionth online planning application – Day 5 – 994,879

by on February 9, 2012

I can’t tell you how excited I am to report that next week (Wednesday or Thursday) we will process our one millionth planning application.

For those of us who have been with the Portal since the beginning this is a momentous milestone, unimaginable at the start.

Although it’s taken us the best part of 10 years to get here nearly one third of that total have been processed in the last 12 months.

From today forward I’ll be updating the daily total as we get towards the millionth application which we expect on Wednesday or Thursday.

Each day Dan our statsman will provide a nugget of information to illustrate exactly what one million applications equates to while our IT partners IBM are providing the countdown

Day 1

As of 9.30am, Thursday 09 February 2012 the number of applications submitted was 992,127

Today’s stat
1,000,000 online planning applications saved approximately 32,000,000 pieces of paper which would weigh 150 tonnes, approximately the same as a mother blue whale and her calf or two dozen adult elephants.

or for those of us of a northern disposition that’s the same as 614,400 pork pies.

As of 9.30am, Friday 10 February 2012 the number of online applications submitted: 993,222

Today’s stat

1 Million online applications has saved approximately 64,000 reams of standard office copy paper, the equivalent of 3,600 trees.

But what does all that paper look like stacked up high I hear you cry.

Well it would make a very tall tower – 3,360m high. It’s over 4 times higher than the tallest building on Earth, and would be the same height as 7 Empire State Buildings, plus Canary Wharf on top!

DAY 5 As of 9.30am, Monday 13 February 2012 the number of online applications submitted was  994,879

If stacked in reams 1 Million online applications would build a 2M high wall around Regents Park (probably wouldnt get planning permission though!)


  1. Congratulations, PP! And thank you, more pies for me.

  2. Jenny permalink

    There is no doubt that being able to submit an application electronically is a good thing. At the risk of sounding glum the reality is that many LPAs are still printing off these applications so they have a copy for the planning file, stat reg and sometimes Parish/Town Councils. I’m sure in most cases it isn’t because they want to but aren’t in a position, mainly through lack of investment, to go the whole hog and determine an application electronically. The irony is that LPAs are happy to spend thousands of pounds each year on staff and printers plus the paper when this money could be invested elsewhere.

  3. PortalDirector permalink

    Hi Jenny,
    you are right of course but things are much better than they were and are heading in the right direction.
    More LPAs like Doncaster are doing their utmost to go paperless and the more we can do to e-enable submission the more sense it makes to also embrace e in the back office.

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