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All I Want For Christmas is…

by on December 9, 2011

Patience and perseverance
Everyone submitting online (I’ll settle for 80% in the meantime)
A budget to improve 1App
Continuing growth
Even more advertisers

And on a personal note:-

Less stress
Occasional good luck
Visibly reduced waistline
Enhanced golf game

What about you?

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  1. ian hewitt permalink

    PEACE AND LOVE – thought it was Ringo commenting for a moment. Anyhow agree with all your aspirations and, this being my final day due to redundancy [thank you government for your support of the solar industry!], I can hopefully carry out your final hope for me too!

  2. Barry Tierrney permalink

    As a small developer I would like the following for Christmas;
    L..ess covert taxes applied by Local Planning offices
    O..pen dialogue between applicants and Local Planning officers
    V..ital assistance, information to assist in obtaining OPP being offerred not bought, via studies
    E..nvironmental Impact statements asked for only as a lats resort, not a pre-requisite income stream.

    Most of all continued growth in the building sector. May I wish all health, wealth and security.

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