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Safe as houses

by on September 28, 2011

You may recall me mentioning a trip to Bradford at the start of the month. In addition to letting me visit my home town I also got the chance to finalise a deal for one of the Portal’s commercial products.

West Yorkshire Police in Wakefield have today gone live with their online crime prevention house and if you’ve used the Portal’s interactive house you may notice a similarity.

The tool lets users hover over the various parts of the house to get crime prevention advice and top tips for protecting your home from thieves.

crime prevention house

West Yorkshire Crime Reduction Officer Chris Joyce, said: “We have worked with the Planning Portal to put this together at no cost to ourselves. They say an Englishman’s house is his castle and why give thieves an easy ride?

“By following just a few easy steps you can greatly reduce the chances of someone breaking into your castle and taking your treasured possessions.

“This website offers people an easy to understand and use step-by-step guide to securing your property.”

It’s been a pleasure dealing with West Yorkshire Police and with Sliders UK, who by sponsoring the House have enabled this launch to go ahead.

We hope to make the house freely available to other forces who are interested in this novel way of presenting crime prevention advice.

If you’d like to talk to us about sponsoring a house in a particular force area or about adapting the house for other purposes drop me a line.

You can learn more about the white-labelled interactive house product on the Portal. 

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