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Non-material amendment notice now available

by on September 13, 2011

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that the notice for the Non-material Amendment form is now available from the Planning Portal.

Before the application is made, the applicant must notify anyone who owns the land which would be affected by the non-material amendment, or where the land comprises an agricultural holding, the tenant of that holding.

The applicant must also record who has been notified on the application form.

Anyone notified must also be told where the application can be viewed and that they have 14 days to make representations to the local planning authority.

  1. Paul permalink

    The wording in the notice that application is being made for “planning permission to undertake a non-material change to an existing planning permission” is completely wrong. Firstly that is not what the application is and secondly there is no such application as described. The application would be for “a change to a planning permission”.

  2. Lauren permalink

    You state that the applicant must record who has been notified on the application form, however, I do not believe that there is any provision for this within the non-material amendment application form. Please can you clarify.

  3. Having made such an application recently (with successful outcome after LPA backed down) I concur with the previous comments.

  4. PortalDirector permalink

    thanks for your feedback.
    We are investigating your comments regarding the form and will post a response if not today then by tomorrow.

  5. Jan Rchards - Mayflower Planning Services permalink

    Following up on the confusion relating to describing what is actually being proposed, and the disparity whereby LPA’s often come back and say the wrong form has been used, should not all 1 APP’s have a reference identifier ?

    p.s. I was the main complainant about wasting Ink on the Original 1 APP question solid black dividing line – you did listen – thanks

  6. All

    We’ve made the required amends after talking to our policy colleagues. The notice is now legislatively correct and can be accessed from the same link I posted above.

    Thank you all for taking the time to feedback and identify the error. I’m very grateful.


  7. It would be helpful if the application for NMA and the associated notice could be fully integrated into the 1App system as per other application types.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I agree and we hope to do as you suggest.
      We’re in the process of making a case for funding to rebuild 1App to make it easier to use and include the missing forms.

  8. somasunderam permalink

    Sir Having read these, this portal is too big animal for ordinary local planning applicants who want to use this portal application facility to save wasting printing GREEN and keep environment and time saved waiting for postal delays,, in some instance wrongly advised on planning issues etc,there seems lots of decentralisation to be made, something is for the better of poorer applicants who plans to do things in stages where as the LAs wants all completed to their time limits. Thanks

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