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New design

by on August 31, 2011

I hope that you like the new-look blog designed by our in-house social media design and development team (Tim).

We wanted to bring the look and feel of the blog into line with the rest of the Portal before embarking on what I hope will be a more engaging experience. That means more chat from me and more input from you.

Not only does the new layout look great in my opinion, but we also have a new subscription facility which enables you to sign up to receive alerts when new posts are published.

As always I really want to hear from you so please keep the feedback coming and watch this space for more frequent posts.

  1. Richard Fletcher permalink

    Having recently submitted a Listed building Planning Application for Solar Panels the current application asked for quite a lot of “Not Applicable” entries. Can there be a more specific application to cover this type of installation.

  2. PortalDirector permalink

    we are looking at the structure and types of application forms in light of our own project to make them easier to use but also in light of Governments ambitions to simplify the planning process.
    In the end it will come down to funding but in any case you’ll hear about it here first.

  3. Dennis permalink

    Where is the ‘jobs feed’ now? I may have missed it somewhere but it is no longer obvious.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Dennis,
      good question, I’ll get onto it on Monday.

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