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LPAs – Our Online Top 20

by on February 1, 2011

Thought you might be interested to know who’s been making the running in running down paper.

Almost 70% of LPAs received more than 40% of their applications online during Q2 2010, with 98 LPAs receiving more than 50% of their applications online.

The top 20 were

Ealing 96.0%
Hinckley and Bosworth 79.7%
Cotswold 68.3%
Hackney 68.2%
Lambeth 67.0%
Hartlepool UA 66.7%
Brecon Beacons NPA 65.5%
Islington 64.9%
North West Leicestershire 64.1%
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 63.0%
Coventry 62.2%
Newcastle upon Tyne 61.5%
Hammersmith and Fulham 61.5%
Southwark 61.3%
Stratford-on-Avon 60.8%
Newcastle-under-Lyme 60.7%
Hastings 60.7%
Hambleton 60.2%
Southampton UA 60.1%
Charnwood 59.7%

  1. Hal Johnson permalink

    Running down paper – thats great, but LPAs bills for printing costs must have gone up as they now have to print out the copies they need. Are there any authorities that purely work in the ether – i.e. no printing of plans at all?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Hal,
      sorry for the tardy response.
      There are significant numbers of authorities that have switched to full e-working including the back office.
      It takes a concerted effort and a wilingness to embrace culture change throughout the organisation, but it can be done and ultimately pays dividends.

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