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A word of thanks to our sponsors

by on December 9, 2010

As you’ve wandered around the new site layout I hope you’ll have noticed a broader range of companies now advertising with us.

We’ve re-jigged the spaces and opportunities available to make them more targeted and therefore more useful to advertisers.

I hope you don’t find the ads are too obtrusive but if we are going to stay in business we’ve got to find a way of ensuring the business community contributes to the benefit it receives from the Portal.

So thanks then to UKBifold Doors who have chosen to sponsor our homepage and specific content areas and to Betternest who have chosen to sponsor the Interactive House as a means to make people aware of their own exciting solution to the question “Do I need planning permission?”

Energy efficiency specialists Geothermique are advertising in one of our popular common projects area and lawyers Bircham Dyson Bell are advertising on our ‘Planning’ tab.

Newsletter advertisements are also proving popular with many spaces taken for the next few months.

If you’re interested in reaching our customers in the new year then please contact our commercial team directly on 0117 372 8232 or


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One Comment
  1. Thanks Chris!

    As you know Chris we have been developing a solution to the ‘Do I need Planning Permission’ question for over 3 years now. Our Qualify report really is the fastest and most cost effective way to qualify your home’s Permitted Development Rights – Enabling homeowners to get fast and definitive answers to their questions.
    A quick note to planners out there who are frustrated with the amount of time you have to spend answering questions about PD when homeowners don’t even have basic plans – just bare us in mind. We really are the Permitted Development Experts. My team and I have devoted ourselves to the weird and wonderful world of PD Rights for over 5 years now and I often spend my evenings reading the latest appeal reviews (yes I can be pretty sad like that!) to ensure that we are ahead of the curve with respect to changes to the legislation and local amendments/interpretations of the policy. This ensures that the advice and guidance that we provide for homeowners is relevant and accurate.
    We save the homeowner time and money and we save you time and stress so that you can focus on core planning issues.
    Thanks again

    Simon Smith
    Founder & CEO

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