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A quick round-up

by on November 8, 2010

So the new site is live and stabilising – so what next? I hear you ask.
Well we are still a little bit in limbo until the CSR settlements descend however we are not letting the grass grow under our feet.

Like everyone else we have had to adjust to the harsh new economic realities and this has meant some re-structuring and loss of some good friends in our team.

We have downsized our project work – most notably by winding down the e-Consultation project, and we’ll be relying on you good folks to deliver the innovation in services still needed to embed e-planning. We’ve created the opportunity with PortalApps and we’ll be unveiling the first services soon.

Stuart Mockford continues to lead our Corporate Account Team who are still plugging away with planning agents, developers, architects and anyone else still submitting planning applications on paper and Scott Alford is leading on working with LPAs. Both would be very happy to hear from you if we can help in any way.

We are continuing to look at the 1App suite and in particular investigating what quick wins are open to us (more soon).

I hope to be able to publish our Business Plan soon however it is safe to say that our focus will continue to be on driving up the number of online planning applications and on reducing our reliance on public funds. On that note we have some great new advertising and sponsorship opportunities Guy Funnell would be glad to tell you all about them.

Finally, thanks for bearing with us through what has been a difficult period.

  1. Michael Cummings permalink

    Why shold it take until 2012 to conclude the consultation on Housing Standards?

    Also the new Planning Application process seems to be mor complicated tan before. Why was it done?

  2. Phil permalink

    Did you ever publish this business plan. I’d like to see a copy if you did.

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