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Important News about Development Plans and LDFs

by on July 9, 2010

Following careful review we have decided to withdraw our interactive development plans and Local Development Framework (LDF) databases when we move to a redesigned website later this year.

Our original concept and objective was to host each LPA’s development plan on the Portal. However, the changing policy landscape has made it increasingly challenging to keep the information up to date and present a complete picture of an LPA’s local policy framework.

When the initial service was implemented, many LPAs published their plans on the Portal as it made sense from a technological and financial point of view – the Portal being a hub to host interactive development plans, reducing costs for each LPA to have done it themselves.

However, more recently many of the plans have become out of date, superseded by LDF documents. Some LPAs have also chosen to host plans on their own websites as mapping technology and publishing tools have become more readily available and cost effective.

With this in mind, and due to increased pressures on budgets across Government, we have decided to discontinue our current mapping service.

Therefore, in Portal 2.0 we will be hosting individual URL links within the local authority search facility directing users to each LPA’s Local plan, Saved policies and LDF information hosted on their website.

A letter has been sent to all local planning authorities informing them of the change and asking each to provide us with URL links to their:

• Local plan
• Saved policies
• LDF information

You can provide us with this important information and ensure that your LPAs details on the Planning Portal are accurate and up to date by taking a few minutes to complete this short online form.

  1. Graham House permalink

    “the changing policy landscape has made it increasingly challenging to keep the information up to date and present a complete picture of an LPA’s local policy framework.”

    – that’s exactly why we need the Portal to help us wade through this mess. It’s hard enough trying to advise clients as it is!

    Graham House – frustrated planning consultant!

  2. Don Attlee permalink

    There does not appear to be any way in your new Planning Portal to can track the progress or comment upon a current application made to EDDC. The equivalent website for Mid Devon is very much easier and I recommend you have a look at it and get yours to do the same.

    Don Attlee
    Honorary Alderman MDDC

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