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We’re back – including 2009/10 performance

by on May 14, 2010

O.K we’re back, out of purdah and on with the job.

Not that we have ever stopped, we just couldn’t talk about it and you’ll never know how hard that is for an inveterate Portal publicist like me.

During the last few weeks we have collated our results for the year just gone and completed our planning for the year ahead.

In the next few days I will report progress on key projects such as Portal 2.0 and set out the challenge for 2010/11

Before setting out those plans I’d first like to take a moment to reflect on our achievements for 2009/10.

179,179 planning applications processed April – March

Almost 45% of planning Applications submitted online via the Portal in March

£65M Savings delivered inc’ £43M savings to Business

55% of Planning Appeals processed

1 Million Building Regulations Downloads

690,000 monthly visits

280,448 Registered Users

62,000 e-news subscribers


2,200 tonnes of CO2 Saved

One Comment
  1. Excellent figures. Particularly the £’s and CO2 saved. I’m looking forward to receiving more news updates, and here’s hoping the Portal goes from strength to strength in 2010/11.

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