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Attachments – multiple upload option

by on February 11, 2010

It has been suggested to me more than once, most recently by Pete in the Paperless Planning thread, that the Portal’s application process would be greatly improved by introducing the ability to choose to upload all attachments to an application at one time, rather than individually as it is at present.

Views please.


  1. Bryan Bell permalink

    A very good idea – the “Submit-a-Plan” Building Regs document upload facility is an almost perfect example of how to do it.

    I would like to add my own comment that the PP document uploading section is very non-user friendly insomuch as there is no natural flow – the items to select are all over the page and the file type selection is dreadful.

    • Les permalink

      Submit a plan is perfect. I totally agree.

      An issue sheet, whole package upload, is what industry need as they use it on a daily basis.

      Hence why the portal used a system not designed for practitioners is an example of designers with no skills designing.

      Get Mr Dyson or
      better still Mr Steve Quartermain who knows how the planning system, how it works, how architects and engineers use issue sheets etc. In house skills please use. It will provide the %age efficiencies you need.

  2. Ken Usman-Smith permalink

    Its a good move BUT you need to make sure that agent and applicants naming conventions and file types are sensible. And multiple uploads can create a careless unintended consequence when somthing is not checked before being ‘zapped’ into the upload.
    The naming of a document is critical to its being useful. It needs to be possible to locate later or work into workflow to actually reduce work loads and not increase them at this time of reduced staffing levels.
    And the structure of the upload section is a little difficult to follow.

  3. Mark Wood permalink

    i appreciate that the submitters have a point, that the system for uploading documents could be easier.

    But whilst they might submit a few apps a month, or even a week, we the LPAs receive hundreds a year. So having them clearly labelled and to an agreed format is vital for us if we are to benefit from the use of electronic applications.

    i’m still yet to see a Document Management System that takes the attachments from the Portal and indexes them correctly without intensive manual intervention.

    much as it pains me to say this, i think the national and local lists can help here. they would give a structure and naming convention that could be adopted by the DMS vendors. I think the lists need to be much more intuative and dynamic, and for that access to the planning constraints for a site is needed by the applicant up front.

    again, this isn’t something i’ve seen any IT vendors do yet. Though i do have hopes that i can hoodwink our new Expert System from IDOX into going at least some of the way.

    in reality, it takes most LPAs i’ve talked to more time and more money to process a online app than a paper copy. Surely that can’t be right. (even those so called ‘paperless’ planning offices tend to print out all the plans at full scale).

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