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Latest mini-guide to PD for extensions

by on November 10, 2009

The latest in our ongoing series of mini-guides has just been added to the site.

This guide illustrates the basics of permitted development for extensions and complements the guides for porches and loft conversions as well as the Interactive House and Terrace.

The common approach for all of these guides is to attempt to present permitted development to the lay-person in a simple yet effective manner.

We are delighted when LPAs and others choose to link to the guides and we update them as legislation changes.

We’d be delighted to hear how we might improve any of these guides or receive feedback of any kind.

  1. Your series of mini guides are simple straightforward and easy to understand. I hope you are developing these further to cover other matters. They are really useful.
    I am currently engaged in training councillors, Parish councillors and agents in respect of planning issues and wonder if these guides are available to view off line. I am concerned that when doing training sessions relying on internet connections can cause significant problems.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Thanks Mick,
      we have more guides planned, a guide to out-buildings is due before Christmas, but let us know if there are subjects you believe we should look at.
      We are happy to consider offering the guides offline and will just need to talk to our marketing team about the best way to package them.
      It would be really useful to hear more about the context so that we can make sure we provide a useful package for you.

  2. these mini guides are excellent

    next trick is to get LA’s to link to them on their web sites

  3. The mini-guides are great, but the terraced house version (link here: as the one in this post is incorrect) misses one of the most common extension types – the infill between the “closet wing” of the terrace and the boundary.

    Under the previous rules on permitted development, this was the most common method of extending a terraced house, however, the new rules are unclear on whether this is acceptable or not in conservation area, and LPAs seem to be interpreting this in contradictory ways.

    In an appeal in St Albans (ref. APP/B1930/X/08/2092380), the inspector found that an infill extension at the rear of a terraced house constituted a “side extension” which was not acceptable under PD, even though this is not in the spirit of how the PD rules were intended. This effectively means that no infill extension is acceptable under permitted development in a conservation area. As significant parts of London are within conservation areas, this effectively excludes anyone in a terraced house from extending their house.

  4. Sorry, I meant to add that under this definition, the conservatory extension you’ve shown in the guide would not be acceptable on “designated land”, as this has been interpreted as a side extension, not a rear extension under the appeal noted in my previous comment.

  5. There is no access to the links to “Terrace” or
    Is there any such Planning Portal page?

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