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Killian Pretty projects

by on October 23, 2009



The Killian Pretty Review made a number of recommendations aimed at improving the planning process.

The Killian Pretty Review Final Report and the Government’s response can be found on the Planning Portal on this page.

The Portal, on behalf of CLG, has been asked to lead on a number of the recommendations under separate work streams.


Work stream 3a and 3b – Improving the Quality of Online Information

Work stream 3a and 3b is about improving the quality of planning information available on local and central Government websites. The Planning Portal is undertaking two projects that are interlinked to deliver this work stream.


1. LPA websites: best practice guidance

As part of the Killian Pretty programme, the Planning Portal was asked to look at ways to help improve the quality of online advice in the planning process.  The first part of this was the publication of the LPA links guide in July 2009 and the second part was a look at what makes a good LPA website. Over the summer the Portal undertook some research into what makes a good LPA website and over 400 people, including a mixture of professionals, members of the public and LPAs, took part and the results will be published at the end of October.  The document collates the resulting suggestions from the research into different service levels depending on the budget and technical resource available to each Local Authority and in a format that presents suggested improvements with a practical how-to approach.


2. Linking to the Portal

This is a project to encourage better linking practices between LPA websites and the Planning Portal. It enables LPA website users to become aware of the wide range of services and information that the Planning Portal provides as well as encouraging online planning applications. By making this information more accessible, LPAs should see a decrease in common user queries.

The best practice guide was circulated to LPAs during June 2009. Take-up of the guide has been a huge success so far with more than half of LPAs downloading the guide for implementation.

If you have not already received the guide please contact

The Portal has also completed a similar best practice guide for town and parish councils, which is bing distributed via the National Assoc. of Local Councils.


Work stream 3c – High Quality Information Services

This project involves investigating the possibilities of developing an online tool to help answer the question of whether planning permission is needed for household applications. The Portal is working with CLG and the Planning Advisory Service on the project. Initially the project commissioned a team of researchers to undertake a review of existing services and practices. The research will be reported in Autumn 2009 and preferred options considered.

With the research underway, an interim presentation was given to the Portal on 31 July. This seemed to substantiate the assumptions made; that it may be difficult to provide a definitive answer as to whether planning permission is required. Early indications are that the Portal’s Interactive House should be used as a key source of information for planning queries.

The scope of the research has been extended to include a small sample of ICT suppliers, who have developed expert systems.


Work stream 13b – Agent Accreditation Scheme

Recommendation 13b of the review states that: “The introduction of an ‘accredited agent’ scheme by Local Planning Authorities for householder and other minor development schemes can encourage higher quality applications, which in turn may lead to faster decision times and more efficient use of local authority resources.”

The Portal has conducted research into which LPAs have previously implemented some type of agent accreditation scheme and the associated benefits and resources required. This research is now complete and the findings have been very positive.

A three-month pilot is now underway with several local authorities. One pilot is being run by a cluster of authorities around Leeds and Bradford and another by the former Avon authorities in the Southwest around Bristol, Bath and Weston-Super-Mare. The pilot schemes are planned to run from September through to December 2009, and will then be evaluated with potential options for more permanent schemes being presented back to the Killian Pretty Programme Board. Further information will be published shortly once the pilots are operational.

During this period you may receive some applications with one of the following attachments Notification and Certificate. If you do and are not participating in the pilot please simply ignore the attachment and process the application as normal.

Link to further info

  1. A.G.H.BATT permalink

    Info please on Planning Act 1st October 2008 regarding permitted development. Does the act also covers conservation areas ? Thanks.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      If you are referring to the GPDO amendments, 2008.
      Then last year’s amendments to the General Permitted Development Order added ‘World Heritage Site’ to the list of designated land. Designated land now includes: national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites.
      Within the GPDO 2008 amendments, the legislation puts certain constraints on houses within designated land, e.g. On designated land* rear extensions of more than one storey and side extensions are not permitted development, and, therefore, require a planning application. These limits are explained in the statutory Instrument 2008: No 2362 and are also listed on our common projects section
      Thus, in short, the GPDO does cover conservation areas, and puts restrictions on houses that are situated within them.
      P.S Thanks to Ross from our content team for the knowledge.

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