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Permission extension and non-material amendment forms now available on the Portal

by on October 5, 2009

We’ve been busy beavering away on all fronts just lately including new forms to extend the time limit for existing planning permissions and non-material amendments.
Unfortunately, neither are available as fully interactive forms yet, but we’re working on it. In this case the policy is moving faster than the technology – who’d have thought it?

  1. Ken Snape permalink

    Dear Mr Kendal (Chris)

    This “blog” has been running now for quite a few months.

    You tell us the readers what’s your thoughts so far?

    With regards the “new and improved” interactive house – I intend to comment on the incorrect /misleading information your Team is broadcasting shortly.

    Kind regards

    Ken Snape

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Ken,
      I think that generally it has been a positive experience. The majority of contributers have been very constructive and all feedback is welcome. Quite a few people contact me through email on specific topics and it is extremely useful for me to have a direct link to our users, partners and stakeholders.
      We’ve tried to make it more useful for the audience by including more of the general updates and feedback suggests that’s a welcome move.

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